The story of a feminist take-over of a Facebook page

Update: Facebook is now blocking the link as “spam”. Also I broke a record today. I have over a thousand page views on the blog in just a few hours. The previous record was just above 700.

Update 2: Facebook doesn’t seem to be blocking links from Whiney Dudes anymore. I don’t know when they lifted it or if it was an automatic block based on the number of times it was posted in a short period, but it works again.

Most feminists already now that men lie. Just because women don’t feature much in the history books does not mean our contributions to the world don’t exist. Men have embellished their accomplishments, conveniently ignored women’s work or have claimed credit for things they haven’t done. As a result our representation in malestream media is either minor or mischaracterised. The images and footage of women are one dimensional and distorted. It is extremely rare to see a woman portrayed in mass-media as she actually is.

We have no voice and no control in this media either. When we try to speak up and speak out against these gross misrepresentations we get harassed, threatened and sometimes even assaulted. This happens everywhere, including on Facebook.

Facebook is moderated by an unknown number of people hired either directly by Facebook or outsources to other organisations. It would not be that far a leap to suggest that the vast majority of these moderators are men who are Facebook users themselves and that they do not like women, as evidenced, among others, by the following story of the experiences of me and my friends.

A few days ago the sole admin of a pornographic Facebook page called Bra-Busters asked one of my friends if she would like to be an admin of the page. He was looking for new content and had hopes that she could provide it. She agreed to this and was made an admin. Her first act as admin was to remove his admin status from the page. She subsequently invited us to co-admin with her, to which we happily agreed. This is where the trouble began.

I joined in a little later than the others and offered to take down the original content. Up until that point they had simply pushed down most of the pornographic pictures that had been posted on the site. Below is a small and less malignant sample of what the page used to contain right up the moment we started posting our own content:


I won’t post the rest of it or the comments that had been posted to the pictures, but needless to say is that the words “slut”, “whore and “bitch” had been used frequently. I spent about an hour deleting all the old posts and afterwards I felt a little sick. Not only was the objectification of the women posted, who seemed often not even aware they were being fotographed, obvious, but there was also evidence of extreme hatred for these women as well. The men loved to look a the pictures, but there was neither respect nor admiration for any of these women.

Up until the point of the take-over the page had almost 4000 likes. When we began replacing the porn with feminist imagery and messages these fans became aware of the fact that the nature of the page had changed significantly and they felt the need to revisit the page and make their sentiments known in no uncertain terms:

well fack you bra busters!! and fack you bra busters new editor bitch!! you took a small very enjoyable part of my day and have managed to piss me off by ridiculing me, go scissor your buth biker slut girlfriend.

As a joke we began to download the profile pictures of these guys and caption them with textballoon and their own words we had copied from the messages they were leaving on the page. A few examples:

Tylor Weaver2

Samuel T2

This enraged them even further and they demanded that we take down the pictures. They even enlisted some of the women they knew on Facebook to get the pictures taken down. These women often had no idea what it was about and some of them were horrified when they found out what they had been asked to get in the middle of.

I apologize to you as I don’t want to be his messenger. I was told that he was unable to report the photo himself, but apparently he’s able and therefore I wish I never got into the middle of this. Whatever people were on that page now makes me sick. Thank you for sticking up for women

We refused to comply with their demands. The next day I found out the images of these dudes had been reported as “pornography”. Facebook had removed the reported images and given me and another admin a ban from posting anything on Facebook for 24 hours. As of writing this, the ban is still in place for me.



The ban and Facebook’s prior refusals to remove actual pornographic materials from Facebook that me and my friends often reported awoke us to the fact that Facebook was extremely selective in upholding it’s own “community standards“. I have never heard back from facebook about anything I have ever reported, but the moderators managed to get to us in less than 48 hours on bogus claims. Facebook’s reporting system does even make it possible to report child pornography. The closest you can get is “sexually explicit content”, which was used against us most effectively by former fans of the page.

On a brighter note, something good has come out of this after all. The captioned pictures of the guys who left derogatory comments on the page were a huge hit and we keep getting requests for more. Because facebook may delete these pictures we have been sure to make copies and they are now uploaded on this blog:

Whiney Dudes

The page called Rapebook and the subsequent blog have also chronicled Facebook’s selective moderation. Even this has not been the first instance of Facebook’s lack of content control or disrecpect to it’s clients. Facebook does its’ very best to foster a culture of hostility and bigotry and below are articles that outline Facebook’s soddy moderating history:

* Facebook’s Refusal to Shut Down Video of Woman’s Murder Disgusts Public

* An Open Letter to Facebook

* My Placenta vs. Jay-Z

* Inside Facebook’s Outsourced Anti-Porn and Gore Brigade, Where ‘Camel Toes’ are More Offensive Than ‘Crushed Heads’

* Facebook faces new privacy criticism, moderators can see info

* Network of ‘Moderators’ Decide What Photos Can Be Posted on Facebook,   Google, Other Social Media

* Facebook Uses an Army of Third World Moderators to Wade Through Flagged Content

* The dark side of Facebook

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  8. I’m 2 year late to this thing but I just want to say that as a radical feminist I think feminist women are some of the funniest people in the world. I laugh more at other women making fun of assholes like this then I do at marginally funny male comedies.

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