Oppression is always tied to resource extraction

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Excerpt from my presentation, Tactics and Talking Points: Re-Radicalizing the Fight for Abortion Access, given today at the Radfem RiseUp conference in Toronto, ON:

Mainstream reproductive rights activists in the United States are currently accepting a fictional story about why abortion restrictions are being enacted. A recent article by Andrea Ayres-Deets on the popular liberal website Policy Mic contained a common assumption:

“To Republicans, abortion is about a deeply held moral belief concerning the sanctity of life which propels them to legislate against half of the U.S. Population.”

I think we’re giving politicians way too much credit when we take their word on this.

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One in Twelve

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One in twelve trans people is murdered in their lifetime–one in eight trans women of color.

You’ve heard this statistic, right?  It comes up in just about any argument in which trans people want to talk about their experience of oppression.  It’s a horrifying statistic.

It’s also completely, demonstrably untrue–and its propagation has pernicious racist, sexist, and classist effects.  Strap yourselves in, kiddos, ’cause we’re going on a ride to Statisticsville, population YOU.

According to the best estimates available from trans* sources about the prevalence of transgenderism in the United States, approximately .3 percent of Americans identify as transgender.  That gives us a figure of just barely under a million trans people out of the 313 million folks living in the U.S. today.  Now, out of that number, some percentage of these people will be out.  Some of them are still babies, so they’re only going to come out…

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Abolition is Long-Term

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I want to thank all who have supported my recent SOS, but I do not want it to be a five-minute wonder.

I will write some personal views of what I think abolition means to exited folks, to me on an individual level and why it not easy or short-term.

It is vital to know who and what the sex trade lobby is and what they are not.

The sex trade lobby is not a bunch of individual trolls hiding behind their computers.

The sex trade is a highly organised, with almost endless funds, and recruit many punters and abused prostituted to write or make their protest.

The sex trade lobby is organised by those who profiteer from the dehumanising of all the prostituted – the sex trade lobby is pimp’s lobby, the sex trade lobby does only care about profit so is also the punter’s lobby.

So, these are…

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Reddit is in love with me

I haven’t been very active in the past few years. School still swallows up most of my focus and it leaves me with little motivation to write anything else. I am hoping that will change soon. My future is uncertain and I suspect is true for most who run towards the end of their education. It’s both a scary and an interesting time.

I did, however, take some time to look at my stats today and what kind of people visit my blog. Predictably most people find my blog either through a search engine or Facebook. That has been the case for much of this blog’s existence.

But a new suitor has arrived on the scene. It seems my little, almost inactive, blog is getting quite a bit of attention from Reddit and the MRA section of Reddit in particular. My average readership has been up for months now, despite an almost complete lack of new content. Seriously, if you check the recent posts the vast majority are reblogged posts from other feminist bloggers.

Men’s Rights redditors are for a large part responsible for keeping this blog alive through its quiet years and I thank them for it. Because of them I have a reason to blog again in the future. I should take care to write about Facebook and PIV some more, because those posts really gets the kids drooling.

For your amusement, check out the screenshot below:

A feminist critique of “cisgender”

Originally posted on Liberation Collective:

Consistent with common usage of the term “cisgender,” the graphic below explains that “…if you identify with the gender you were assigened [sic] at birth, you are cis.”

Another Trans 101: Cisgender webpage describes cis this way: “For example, if a doctor said “it’s a boy!” when you were born, and you identify as a man, then you could be described as cisgender.”[i] Likewise, girl-born people who identify as women are also considered cisgender. WBW are cis.

Framing gender as a medically determined assignment may seem like a good start to explaining gendered oppression because it purports to make a distinction between physical sex and gender. Feminism similarly understands masculinity and femininity (e.g., gender) as strictly enforced social constructs neither of which are the “normal” or inevitable result of one’s reproductive sex organs. Feminism and trans theory agree that coercive gender assignments are a significant source of oppression.

On closer…

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I am taking out the trash

My, my, how many drive by commenters telling me what to think. I have been trashing almost every single comment for the past two months on my blog.

A little summary of what I got:

* People wanting to know how I dare to express my own opinion on my own blog

* People thinking I am terrified of sex / never had sex / telling people to be abstinent

* People complaining that I am not very forward with my idendity, cause they would love to attack me, get me fired, etc, etc. Go figure.

* People telling me my opinion is wrong and that I should think differently.

* People telling me I give feminism a bad name and that I am not nice enough to be a feminist.

There is No T in Lesbian

Feminist at Sea:

An important summary of how the transmovement is erasing the lesbian and women’s movement.

Originally posted on Liberation Collective:

In a recent anti-radical feminist screed, published prominently on several leftist blogs, a trans* activist attempted to equate gender critical analysis with homophobia. This is the latest twist on the conflation of the lesbian and gay rights political movement with the trans* political movement. And it’s the latest indication that it will be lesbians, other women, and girls who are most harmed by that conflation.

Though there are claims that our groups have reason to have a strong political alliance, it’s arguable that Gay, Inc. – the large, well-funded and influential political groups – created this conflation simply to increase funding and reach. There doesn’t seem to have been a period of time where lesbians and gay men were allowed any discussion or input about this decision. But there are obvious reasons to question the unholy alliance.

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